Old Vintage

Old Vintage 350 x 255 cm

Retail: $3,999.00

Sale Price: $1,999.00NZD
Type Certified Hand-Knotted
Make 100% Wool
Dyes Natural
Design Mauri Gul Vintage
Origin Afghanistan
Certification Provided with the Rug
Product Code MG 9M OLD 1
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Vintage Tribal: 350 x 255 cm: This is a unique, semi-antique, rich, vintage traditional Afghan Turkoman tribal rug of Mauri Gul tradition. The rug comes from the pre-Soviet 1979 era, when some of the finest Afghan rugs were woven. It's beautifully hand-knotted and in superb condition.

The rug was woven in Faryab region of Afghanistan, on the border with Turkmenistan, and is an important rug-producing centre of the country. The rug is woven from 100% wool, incorporating natural dyes.


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