Old Vintage 340 x 250cm

Retail: $3,999.00

Sale Price: $2,199.00NZD
Type Certified Hand-Knotted
Make 100% Wool
Dyes Natural
Design Feel Pai Vintage
Origin Afghanistan
Certification Provided with the Rug
Product Code FP 9M OLD 1
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Vintage Tribal: 340 x 250cm: This is a unique, superb vintage traditional Afghan Turkoman tribal rug of Feel Pai (Elephant Foot design) tradition. The rug comes from the pre-Soviet 1979 era, when some of the finest Afghan rugs were woven. It's beautifully hand-knotted and in superb condition and is one of the finest woven rugs of it's kind.

The rug was woven in Faryab region of Afghanistan, on the border with Turkmenistan, and is an important rug-producing centre of the country. The rug is woven from 100% wool, incorporating natural dyes.


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