Andkhoy 350 x 250cm

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Type Certified Hand-Knotted
Make 100% Wool
Dyes Natural
Design Bukhara
Origin Afghanistan
Certification Provided with the Rug
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Andkhoy Bukhara: 350 x 250cm: Popularly known as Khal Mohammadi, the rug is one of the best examples available of its kind. It is a superb quality, super fine classic tribal rug from the Andkhoy region, home to the best quality tribal rugs coming out of today's Afghanistan. The rich classic red colours, with shades of burnt orange, are unique to Andkhoy rugs. The dyes are 100% natural, mostly consisting of madder and indigo.

The design is known as Bukhara, named after the ancient city which used to be the centre of the Afghan-Persian civilization some 800 years ago.




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