Ghazni 300 x 240cm

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Type Certified Hand-Knotted
Make 100% Wool
Dyes Natural
Design Afghan Kazak
Origin Afghanistan
Certification Provided with the Rug
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Ghazni: 300 x 240cm: An amazingly beautiful large tribal hand-knotted rug from the nomad tribes of Afghanistan! 

The rug is known as Afghan Kazak, and is one of the most popular rug types produced in Afghanistan today.

Afghan Kazak rugs use the best quality, painstakingly hand-spun Afghan wool, sourced from the central plains of Afghanistan. It incorporates vegetable dyes.

Afghan Kazak rugs are best known for the "abrash effect" or "marbled effect". The technique involves spinning the wool yarn so tight by hand so that the dyes do not permeate the yarn evenly, creating an uneven, but beautiful natural-looking effect, making the rug a unique work of art.

The designs incorporated in Afghan Kazak rugs are mostly those from the ancient Caucus, hence, reflecting a strong Caucasian, particularly Kazakhstan, influence.



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