A great collection of tribal and nomadic Hand-knotted rugs on sale for clearance!
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  • 260 x 62cm
    SUPER SPECIAL!  NORMALLY SOLD FOR $349.  NOW $249!    Moshwani: 260 x 62cm: This beautiful, intricately-woven nomadic Afghan Baluch runner is known as Moshwani Gazak, and is one of the rarest types of rug weaves in the world. The rug is a combination of ..
    Exc. GST: $216.52 $249.00 $999.00
  • 280 x 200cm
    SUPER SPECIAL!  NORMALLY SOLD FOR $1699.  NOW $799!    Moshwani: 280 x 200cm: This is a truly amazing nomadic creation, representing true historical authenticity and a high quality hand-knotted workmanship by the nomad tribes of Afghanistan!  Thi..
    Exc. GST: $694.78 $799.00 $2,999.00
  • 190 x 125cm
    SUPER SPECIAL!  NORMALLY SOLD FOR $449.  NOW $349!    Barjasta: 190 x 125cm: This beautiful Hand-knotted rug is known as Barjasta, meaning “stand out” in Persian. A highly rare Hand-knotted combination of pile and flat weave from Moshwani Baluch nomad tribes of..
    Exc. GST: $303.48 $349.00 $1,799.00
  • 225 x 150cm
    Ghazni: 225 x 150cm: A beautiful vegetable-dyed rug woven of hand-spun wool, also known as Afghan Kazak. A highly popular rug, Ghazni is best known for the "abrash” or marbled effect. The technique involves spinning the yarn so tight by hand so that the dyes do not permeate the yarn evenly, ..
    Exc. GST: $781.74 $899.00 $2,999.00