Prayer Rug

Prayer Rug 150 x 90cm

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Sale Price: $249.00NZD
Type Certified Hand-Knotted
Make 100% Wool
Dyes Natural
Design Adraskan
Certification Provided with the Rug
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Jainamaz: Prayer Rug: 150 x 90cm: This beautiful, rich Hand-knotted Prayer Rug comes from the Baluch nomad tribes of historic Herat region of Afghanistan, bordering Iran, or Persia. Herat was a key art and poetry centre of the old Persian civilization.

The rug is known for the uniqueness of its design, and is woven from 100% wool, incorporating natural dyes. Woven as a prayer rug design, Jainamaz (meaning prayer rug in Persian) is one of the most popular categories of fine quality hand-made rugs as each piece is unique and a work of art.

Afghan nomadic rugs have maintained a unique identity and authenticity over the centuries and are highly popular and much sought after. ​

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